You Don't Have To Be Perfect To Lead

As a leader in business and in church, I always felt the need to have it “all together”.

I believed that if I was going to talk about my imperfections, I could only refer to them as being in the past.

I would rarely ever mention any of my faults. When I did, most of my admissions went something like, “I used to struggle with ________, but now things are different.”

I saw other leaders as perfect and didn’t want to appear less than capable because I wasn’t.

As a result of my lack of authenticity, I was pushing away the connection that I needed to grow. I was also perpetuating the false image that leaders are perfect.

The truth is, nobody is perfect. Not even the leaders I look up to the most.

We are all in process and that’s ok.

As I’ve learned to be open about my weaknesses and struggles while leading others, I’ve learned first hand of the power that my vulnerability has in encouraging others that have challenges of their own.

I also hate the idea of being fake, and being vulnerable keeps that a bay.

It’s OK to lead in process.